Silver Anniversary Poster

I was actually ordained to the priesthood on the 18th of December 1990.  Since it falls at a time when there are so many things happening during the Christmas season, the parish decided [with my consent] to celebrate it in January.  In that way, more people are able to attend.


The Thanksgiving Mass was held at the Saviour of the World Chinese Church followed by a formal reception.


My mother was able to travel from the Philippines and my siblings together with their families were also able to attend.

At the War Memorial


We flew into Melbourne from Cairns for an overnight.  From the airport, we had a brief city tour and the driver brought us to a few places such as the war memorial.  Being November, the month we usually honour those who sacrificed their lives for freedom, it was appropriate to visit the place.  As the driver pulled to the curve to park, I noticed a small sculpture of a mother with her two children.  The sculpture was on a pedestal, but from my vantage point I was able to frame the photo in such away that mother and children seem to be walking towards the stairs.